EZ Stomp

Count: 32    Wall: 4    Level: Beginner    Choreographer: Juliet Lam
Music: Stomp Your Feet By Francisca Urio

Intro: 32 counts, start on vocals. (Approx. 14 seconds into track)

S1: (Stomp, Kick, Behind, Side, Cross ) X 2
1-2 Stomp right next to left, kick right forward to right diagonal
3&4 Cross right behind left, step left to left side, cross right over left
5-6 Stomp left next to right, kick left forward to left diagonal
7&8 Cross left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right

S2: Toe Switches With Holds, Heel Switches, Step, Pivot 1/4 L
1-2& Touch right toe to right side, hold, step right next to left
3-4& Touch left toe to left side, hold, step left next to right
5&6& Touch right heel forward, step right next to left, touch left heel forward, step left next to right
7-8 Step right forward, pivot ¼ left (Weight on left) (9:00)
*Restart here during Wall 4

S3: Forward Rock, Recover, Back Lock Step, Back Rock , Recover, Forward Lock Step
1-2 Rock forward on right, recover on left
3&4 Step right back, cross left over right, step right back
5-6 Rock back on left, recover on right
7&8 Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward

S4: Stomp, Hold, Stomp, Hold, Step, Pivot ½ L, Step, Pivot 1/2 L
1-4 Stomp right forward, hold, stomp left forward, hold
5-6 Step right forward, make pivot ½ left (3:00)
7-8 Step right forward, make pivot ½ left (Weight on left) (9:00)

*Restart - Wall 4 begins at 3:00, dance up to count 16, Restart facing 12:00